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Swamps swarmed by seers, soothsayers

Since the Age of Myth rickety towers and caravans have been the traditional dens of the fortune teller. However times have changed, and we are receiving reports that the humble bog has become the centre of interest for many seers.

Commentators spawn new god, Lord of Hot Takes

Weeks of tremors and quakes have finally subsided, and their origin has now become clear. A brand new ruinous power, provisionally named the Lord of Hot Takes, has been born in the Realm of Chaos.

Skaven jealous, demand upgrades

After several months of watching their rivals unveil new and improved versions of their ancient heroes, the Skaven of Blight City have begun to agitate the Council of Thirteen for upgrades themselves. “Not fair-fair,” explained a local clanrat. “Frog-thing get new chair, daemon-thing get growth-gains, while Eshin-allies look like monkey-things!” Acting in response to the … Continue reading Skaven jealous, demand upgrades