Interest in Gobbapalooza entrance exam skyrockets

It has been a busy week in Skrappa Spill as hundreds of hopeful young grots register to take the tests to enter the prestigious Smart’nz Akademy – the first step in becoming a fully registered gobbapallozee.

The sudden spike in interest was caused by Skragrott’s reforms to Gobbapaloozas, which have overnight made them a highly desirable pick for any Gloomspite horde. What was previously considered something of a useless qualification has become a guarantee of a shromfull life.

The madness sweeping the grot nations has seen some criticism, with Loonbosses concerned that the swelling numbers of Gobbapaloozas might represent a brain drain from the traditionally prestigious Fungoid Cave-Shaman class. They have petitioned Skragrott to only allow once such grouping per horde, or at the very least place a limit on their newly acquired powers. The Loonking himself was unavailable to comment, as he was preoccupied with finding a food source big enough to feed his newly acquired flood of squigs.

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