General saves big, assembles army via lucky dip

It was a quiet year for Reginald the Oblique, famed Freeguild general. However he has vowed to set the new year off with a bang, submitting a requisition order for “whatever soldiers you have spare at the moment”, and receiving them at a significant discount.

When we last spoke to Reginald, he was engrossed in sorting out his new army. It was a cavalcade of emotions in the war room as he rejoiced over receiving a pair of Stormdrake, and then despaired over the veritable legion of Doomfire Warlocks he now needed to find stables for.

There was a moment of drama when he found Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork, in his list. Supposedly feeling neglected by his own people, Gordrakk was hoping to make the leap to a faction that would appreciate him. Reginald is supposedly considering the offer, and is weighing up the expected tonnage-per-day of aetherwings it will take to keep Bigteef, the surly greenskin’s mount, fed.

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