Person-sized heroes coming out of their cave, hoping to do just fine

News of updated rules of war are spreading quickly throughout the Realms, generals delighted with the opportunity to revisit old strategies and discover new ones. However none are glader than the humble foot hero, who are anticipating an entirely new lease on life.

“Last few years I haven’t been able to step outside of my temple without getting an immediate bolt through the head,” confided a local Hag Queen who has yet to buy her own Cauldron of Blood to ride upon. “The idea that a sister nearby might take the shot for me is nothing short of delightful.”

Some cynics have not been so quick to join in the celebrations, proposing that the upcoming rules might actively encourage the hunting of small person-sized heroes and worse their situation even further. These detractors have been roundly ignored, and are considered mostly to be Mortahi- and Kragnos-backed lobbyists protecting their vested interests.

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