Ghoul King completes rite of passage, carves throne from rock.

What is a king without his throne? This is a question that plagues all members of the Flesh-eater Courts, and it is a widely held belief that a Ghoul King cannot truly claim the title until he has carved himself his own throne. Festivities are in order then for the Grand Court of Femural, whose king Gabber the Fourth has just completed his own granite masterpiece.

“It’s a solid piece of work if I do say so myself,” cackled Gabber regally, slapping the throne’s side. “Very ornate, very kingly. A real symbol of our noble heritage.”

Questions have been asked about whether the king intends to leave the throne at home when he takes to the battlefield, a proposal that Gabber refuses to entertain. He went to great pains to explain that the Royal Workout is specifically designed to enable him to drag the throne wherever he goes. “Certainly easier than the old menhir I had to carry,” explained the king. “And this one’s much easier to climb.”

When asked for advice he might give any aspiring Ghoul Kings, Gabber had this to say: “Be patient, and take things a step at a time. Remember you’re a king, and you need to always conduct yourself appropriately. If we don’t have our dignity, then what do we have left?”

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