Skaven engineers raise concerns over peak warpstone

A pack of Warlock-Engineers have raised concerns in Blight City about the potentially limited nature of warpstone, the resource upon which the entire Skaven civilisation is founded. Previously considered an unlimited substance, this claim could have catastrophic consequences for the Skaven race..

“Our findings nice and simple, yes-yes,” explained Arch-Warlock Pebblegnaw. “If you hack-slash mountain, no rock grows back. Warpstone only small portion of all rock.  We mine-take more warpstone, we have less warpstone left to mine-take later. Smart-best Skaven science.”

Grey Seers have disputed this prediction, accusing the pack of fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of warpstone. According to the Grey Seers, warpstone is a renewable resource in the truest sense, forming from the primordial energies of Chaos which may wax and wane, but never vanish.

Despite the Grey Seers’ preaching, the Skaven are a fearful race and have nevertheless taken steps to address the possibility. Great turbines have been erected around the Realms, utilising the eminently renewable resource of slaves to power gigantic treadmills. The resulting energy is being bottled into batteries, which Warlock-Engineers hope can soon replace warpstone crystals in most if not all of their weapons.

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