Firebelly still searching for sense of belonging

Neither a Beastclaw Raider nor a Gutbuster, the lonely Firebelly leads a solitary existence. Worshipping Gorkamorka as the Sun Eater, the Firebelly hopes to emulate his god through the consumption and belching of flame. However they often find that life needs more than just the ability to breath fire.

“I look at other ogors, and they have mates and good pals,” confided one Firebelly to us. “Sometimes I feel close to the Sun Eater, and that’s good. But it would be more good to have other ogors to share it with.”

Our readers will be pleased to know that this story has a happy ending. After being encouraged to speak with his Butcher cousins, the Firebelly has found a home within a Gutbuster warglutt.

“Every morning I heat up the Mawpot, and every evening I set up the campfires. I’m breathing just as much fire as before, but now with the company of friends. The Maw is good.”

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