Rival Slaanesh worshippers caught in infinite temptation loop

What was originally a simple skirmish between two Slaaneshi warlords has now escalated into a conflict of apocalyptic proportions as each warrior offers and in turn immediately accepts forbidden temptations from their rival.

“It’s not meant to go like this,” confided Lushir Pillowtalker, one of the two warlords. “Normally I offer them pleasures beyond imagination, they accept, and I become empowered by Slaanesh. They’re not supposed to do it back to me!”

There seems to be little hope of a speedy conclusion to the situation, as both warriors continue to summon endless hordes of Daemonettes and Keepers of Secrets. A suggestion that they simply stop giving in to temptation was quickly laughed off, with the two agreeing that they didn’t become Slaanesh worshippers because they were good at saying ‘no’.

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