Bookstores struggle to honour refund policy on Arcane Tomes

It has been a rough week for bookstores in the wake of Sigmar’s most recent proclamation. Now that wizards are forbidden from carrying Arcane Tomes there has been a surge of attempted returns, and not all stores are handling it well.

“I dunno what I’m gonna do with all dis stock,” complained Gragnok Leafturner, orruk bookseller. “None of my tribe can even read.”

Publishing insiders have exclusively revealed to us one method being used to get rid of excess stock; selling the books as scrap paper to the Kharadron Overlords. With little respect for magic that cannot be put into bottles, and a constant need for surfaces to write and rewrite laws upon, they are an ideal market for those with Arcane Tomes to spare. However, sellers are encouraged to have a lawyer review their returns policy before engaging with the Kharadron – many a bookstore has suffered from unscrupulous duardin employing cloning spells and receiving refunds for far more product than they ever bought in the first place.

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