Nagash’s purchase of Squeekr continues to embarrass

Some time has passed since Nagash purchased Skaven communication medium Squeekr after an ill-advised boast, but time has not made him wiser. The Supreme Necromancer has continued to make error after error as he attempts to navigate Squeekr’s twisted warrens.

His first gaffe was removing the byzantine restrictions the Council of Thirteen had placed on Squeekr, instead opening the gates to any who wished to join. A dig at Sigmar’s historic closing of the gates of Azyr, the system was immediately flooded by hordes of Orruks yelling “Waaagh!” until the restrictions could be reinstated months later.

A more recent error was the adjustment of the system of warpstone tokens labeling users of notable pedigree. Instead, Nagash promised that any individual could instead pay to receive a token of their own. Although this saw some early support, the numbers quickly dropped, with those bearing a token becoming an immediate target of Eshin assassins. Nagash implemented a system that provided an option to hide the possession of a token, but subscribers continue to live in fear.

Whether we have seen the last of Nagash is unknown, but experts consider it unlikely as the death god continues to try and recuperate losses sustained during the Necroquake. Rumours have begun to circulate that Nagash operates a secret, alternate Squeekr handle named Lil’ Siggy which he uses to impersonate a juvenile alter-ego of the God-King as a sort of stress relief. We will bring you further updates as they happen.

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