Nagash soul-construct just re-coloured Stormcast Eternal

The feud between Sigmar and Nagash has continued this past week, with Nagash revealing what he claims is the next step in soul engineering. He has faced quick and violent backlash however as adversaries point out he has simply colour shifted a Stormcast Eternal.

“This just goes to show the lack of imagination possessed by the Necromancer,” proclaimed Vandus Hammerhand, Sigmar’s Lord-Spokesperson. “We demand an immediate removal of this insulting mockery, and a public apology for the obvious transgression.”

Nagash has so far refused to respond to criticisms, and his objective remains unknown. The most likely motivation, according to experts, is simply that the Great Necromancer has run out of ideas and energy since his defeat at the hands of Teclis, and is relying on cheap imitations while he regains his power. 

Editor’s note: Nagash has recently released a statement, indicating that he has reached an agreement with Sigmar regarding the use of Stormcast imagery. He has also pledged not to misuse the imagery of any other major god, though reserves the right to do so ‘if he feels like it.’

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