Brayherd numbers plummet as cost of living hits home

After years of affordable living in the wild places of the Realms, not even the Beasts of Chaos have proven immune to market forces. The rising costs of building materials have put forested areas at a premium, forcing herds to downsize purely to keep the rent affordable.

“Used to be we’d hunt along acres upon acres of these woods,” mused local Beastlord Gorn Gruffhorn. “Now we’re down to a clearing we have to share with a local farmer’s gryphcow herd.”

The crunch has not all been bad news for the Beasts, as necessity has again proved the mother of invention. To evade probing landlords all members of the herds have now mastered the ability of vanishing into the undergrowth, appearing only when they are needed. The Cygor have also been pushed to pull their weight and get a real job, joining Chaotic seminaries to train as priests.

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