Nagash demands Necromancer’s Day in wake of Women’s Day

Taking a break from his ancient grudge against Sigmar, Nagash has turned his wrath against the women of the Mortal Realms. Having been advised by Arkhan that the Realms have just celebrated a holiday recognising women from every walk of life, the Supreme Necromancer has immediately issued an edict demanding that all residents of Shyish observe an Interrealm Necromancer’s Day.

“This has been a long time coming,” announced Arkhan the Spokesliche. “No longer will necromancers, particularly supreme ones, go unrecognised for all their hard work.”

Detractors in Azyr have been quick to criticise the move. They have pointed out that Women’s Day is meant to celebrate a typically disadvantaged group whose work often goes unseen, rather than literal death gods. Arkhan has countered, stating that Sigmar has yet to recognise Nagash’s hard work in corralling the souls of the dead or their shepherding to the afterlife. He did not mention Nagash’s practice of conscripting these souls into his personal armies. 

Nagash soul-construct just re-coloured Stormcast Eternal

The feud between Sigmar and Nagash has continued this past week, with Nagash revealing what he claims is the next step in soul engineering. He has faced quick and violent backlash however as adversaries point out he has simply colour shifted a Stormcast Eternal.

“This just goes to show the lack of imagination possessed by the Necromancer,” proclaimed Vandus Hammerhand, Sigmar’s Lord-Spokesperson. “We demand an immediate removal of this insulting mockery, and a public apology for the obvious transgression.”

Nagash has so far refused to respond to criticisms, and his objective remains unknown. The most likely motivation, according to experts, is simply that the Great Necromancer has run out of ideas and energy since his defeat at the hands of Teclis, and is relying on cheap imitations while he regains his power. 

Editor’s note: Nagash has recently released a statement, indicating that he has reached an agreement with Sigmar regarding the use of Stormcast imagery. He has also pledged not to misuse the imagery of any other major god, though reserves the right to do so ‘if he feels like it.’

Nagash furious with immortal heroes, demands changes

Heroes in the Mortal Realms have experienced a new lease on life since Sigmar issued his new rules of war. Previously vulnerable to the ravages of war, heroes have now proved themselves to be nigh immortal on the battlefield. This has angered Nagash, who considers it another move by Sigmar to deny his claim on mortal souls.

“This strategy by Sigmar is as predictable as it is insulting,” confirmed Nagash’s spokesperson Arkhan the Black. “We demand that the Soul-Thief rescinds his illegal rules and allows heroes to die violent deaths again.”

The heroes of the Realms have pushed back against this, claiming that they are enjoying their invulnerability. Monstrous heroes in particular, such as the Shadow Queen or Archaon, have been able to charge exorbitant fees to generals wanting their appearance on the battlefield. Some ecologists have warned of a rising danger of a second Gotrek Plague, though many are indicating that it is already happening.

Nagash has summoned his Mortarchs to find a solution to the problem. Our inside sources have reported that Mannfred has suggested the creation of an alternate set of rules, building on decisions Nagash had made previously, to ultimately replace those issued by Sigmar. This was roundly rejected by everyone present, surprising nobody.