New era approaches, generals wary of raising new armies

Azyr has been abuzz with rumours regarding Sigmar’s intention to update the rules of war. Initially thought to be a boon, this excitement has quickly become a curse to the Azyrite High Council as generals become increasingly unwilling to recruit troops or fight battles.

“I don’t see the point,” explained local warlord Kres the Bloodier. “We don’t know how things will work in the future, so any warriors I train today might be worthless tomorrow. Doesn’t make sense.”

Sigmar has sought to counter these feelings by instructing the High Council to release teasers regarding the upcoming changes. So far these have backfired, most recently by revealing a series of prophecies that have sent the inhabitants of Ghur scrambling for the realmgates.

All eyes are on the week’s end however, as Sigmar promises to open a box that will reveal the next stage of the war. Perhaps predictably the news of new Stormcast has led many Lords-Celestant to cease training their retinues until more information is known. Liberators are reported to be feeling tense and worried.

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Disease caused by ‘germs’, not tiny daemons, insists lunatic

Refuting hundreds of years of experience and research, a local apothecary is breaking the mold when it comes to the study of disease. Rather than the accepted theory of illness being caused by the malefic influence of Dark Gods, Antonia von Wenhok is insisting on what she calls Germ Theory.

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