Nagash soul-construct just re-coloured Stormcast Eternal

The feud between Sigmar and Nagash has continued this past week, with Nagash revealing what he claims is the next step in soul engineering. He has faced quick and violent backlash however as adversaries point out he has simply colour shifted a Stormcast Eternal.

“This just goes to show the lack of imagination possessed by the Necromancer,” proclaimed Vandus Hammerhand, Sigmar’s Lord-Spokesperson. “We demand an immediate removal of this insulting mockery, and a public apology for the obvious transgression.”

Nagash has so far refused to respond to criticisms, and his objective remains unknown. The most likely motivation, according to experts, is simply that the Great Necromancer has run out of ideas and energy since his defeat at the hands of Teclis, and is relying on cheap imitations while he regains his power. 

Editor’s note: Nagash has recently released a statement, indicating that he has reached an agreement with Sigmar regarding the use of Stormcast imagery. He has also pledged not to misuse the imagery of any other major god, though reserves the right to do so ‘if he feels like it.’

Stormcast technically undead- Azyr in uproar

A pedantic scholar has done what centuries of work by the Ruinous Powers could not – completely undermined trust in Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals. They have demonstrated that, by most measures, the Stormcast Eternals actually represent a form of undead necromancy. In the spirit of honest journalism, we have reprinted the accusation below.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the living dead possess the following qualities:

  • They were at one point living beings
  • They at some point suffered a death to their mortal bodies
  • A portion of their self has been shackled for use by a powerful wizard or magical energy beyond their natural lifespan

It pains me to my core to say this, but Sigmar Heldenhammer, blessed be his name, has been tricked by the wicked necromancer Nagash and employed these dark magicks in the defence of Azyr! We can demonstrate this as follows:

  • All Stormcast Eternals profess to have begun their existence as living beings
  • If the heralds are to be believed, all Stormcast Eternals had their souls snatched away at the moment of their slaying by the foes of Sigmar
  • This soul has been reforged by Sigmar into a form utterly in thrall to his wishes

We beseech all true believers to strike back against these ghoulish horrors, and stop the pollution of the sacred ground of Azyr. Pray that Sigmar sees the error of his ways before it is too late!


Strike Out! Nagash slams use of Longstrike Crossbows, threatens escalation

Emotions are running high in the Realm of Death as the Supreme Necromancer picks up his army and leaves, in the middle of a war heavily featuring the Stormcast Eternals. 

“There’s absolutely no point in fighting if the Soul-Thief is going to engage in tactics like this,” the Undying King was reported as having said on Femmur, a Death-focused social communications network. “This type of behaviour is ruining the wars that I love.”

Onlookers have described Nagash’s displeasure as focusing particularly on the Vanguard-Raptors, ace hunters of the Stormhosts. Their Longstrike Crossbows are reportedly able to shatter his skeletal form with only seconds of sustained fire, a situation with obvious negatives for the death god. 

Nagash has later come out and clarified his comment, stating that the Stormcast generals he did face appeared to be noble opponents (despite being the result of nefarious soul-crime). He has instead reinforced his plea to Sigmar for him to tone down his warriors’ weaponry, threatening to release his own crossbow-wielding ghosts if action is not taken.