Morathi-Khaine confirmed as hardest working god

After surveying the deities of the Mortal Realms we at the Azyr Weekly are able to bring you this exclusive scoop: Mortahi-Khaine is officially the hardest working deity in any pantheon, attending over 90% of her worshipper’s battles in person.

The survey was completed over the past month, and took into account every deity that manifests themselves on the physical plane. For this reason the Ruinous Powers were excluded, as was Gorkamorka, the Old Ones, and the Kharadron Overlord’s concept of Profit.

Morathi-Khaine was found to be present, in an acting role, in 93.7% of armies fielded by the Daughters of Khaine. When we interviewed members of the Khainite cult the reasons given included that they ‘loved her company’ and that ‘she’s a really cool god to be around’. Cultists were reluctant to admit whether Morathi-Khaine’s reportedly significant power on the battlefield had anything to do with it.

The laziest god by far is Sigmar, who has yet to make an appearance alongside the Stormcast Eternals or the Cities of Sigmar. Officially this role has been taken up by the Celestant-Prime, but citizens of the Free Cities have referred to this as a ‘bit of a cop out’. Sigmar refused to comment, indicating that he was too busy working on his APP.

An honourable mention must go to Nagash, who has reportedly been travelling the Realms in a state of merriment, annihilating opponents with overcharged Arcane Bolts. His increased presence has not been a cause for celebration however, with several Mortarchs describing his cackling as ‘off-putting’.

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