“I reject your laws and substitute my own”: Nagash issues supplementary set of rules for battles

The academies and barracks of Azyr have been rocked in recent days by a set of rules issued by the Supreme Lord of Undeath. Released in anticipation of the upcoming Battle of a Hundred Faces in Shyish, the ‘supplementary rules’ have proved controversial at best.

“We’ve already got rules,” insisted Lord-Imperitant Alessandra Gryphfriend. “If we fight our battles according to Sigmar’s vision then we know that we will never have to mess around with figuring out how to battle. It’ll just be straight out of the book.”

Supporters of the Undying King disagree, and refute the idea that Sigmar’s publications should represent divine will at all times. They argue that if improvements to the rules can be found, then they should be utilised as soon as possible instead of praying for divine intervention at some unknown date.

“It is clear that the Soul-thief has made extremely serious errors in the past,” declared Arkhan the Black, Nagash’s spokesperson. “We therefore reserve the right to restrict the armies fighting in our wars in any way we see fit. Sigmar tried his best, but clearly it was not enough.”

Commentators have taken to the discourse with gusto, with some declaring Nagash to be a power hungry maniac, supporting those he likes and punishing his enemies. Others accuse his detractors of being hypocrites who have already introduced their own variations in their battles, and are simply jumping at an opportunity to tear Nagash down. There is no clear winner at the time we go to print, but we promise to keep you posted on future events.

Editor’s note: We would like to retract the last paragraph of our latest article. Our fact checkers have confirmed that this heated level of discourse is actually nothing new, and shouldn’t have been reported as ‘news’.

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