Nagash furious with immortal heroes, demands changes

Heroes in the Mortal Realms have experienced a new lease on life since Sigmar issued his new rules of war. Previously vulnerable to the ravages of war, heroes have now proved themselves to be nigh immortal on the battlefield. This has angered Nagash, who considers it another move by Sigmar to deny his claim on mortal souls.

“This strategy by Sigmar is as predictable as it is insulting,” confirmed Nagash’s spokesperson Arkhan the Black. “We demand that the Soul-Thief rescinds his illegal rules and allows heroes to die violent deaths again.”

The heroes of the Realms have pushed back against this, claiming that they are enjoying their invulnerability. Monstrous heroes in particular, such as the Shadow Queen or Archaon, have been able to charge exorbitant fees to generals wanting their appearance on the battlefield. Some ecologists have warned of a rising danger of a second Gotrek Plague, though many are indicating that it is already happening.

Nagash has summoned his Mortarchs to find a solution to the problem. Our inside sources have reported that Mannfred has suggested the creation of an alternate set of rules, building on decisions Nagash had made previously, to ultimately replace those issued by Sigmar. This was roundly rejected by everyone present, surprising nobody.

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