Nagash captured in Kharadron spell-in-a-bottle bottle

Aeons of absorbing copious amounts of death magic appear to have caught up with the Supreme Lord of the Undead. An enterprising duardin fearing neither death nor undeath, he has captured Nagash within the confines of a glass bottle, alongside a traditional whaling scene.

“There wasn’t much to it,” admitted the duardin in question, Ashk Ketcham. “I just said that Sigmar’s secret of reforging was in there and he popped right in.”

Ashk has yet to decide his future plans with his Nagash-in-a-bottle. Several notable Ironclads of the Kharadron sky-fleets, as well as the famed Grundcorps, have placed hefty bids on the artefact. There are rumours that he is also entertaining offers from Arkhan the Black, who is quite keen to retrieve his necromantic overlord.

Despite his dilemma, Ashk is not a duardin to rest on his laurels. He has set out to capture yet more gods within his collection of bottles, travelling the length and breadth of the realms in his journey. He promises to keep a catalogue of the entities he finds along the way, and perhaps monetise the story of his adventures upon his return.

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