Everyone just a little disappointed

Our sources have reported that everyone is just feeling a little bit down at the moment, and should probably take it easy.

The catalyst for the mass disappointment was Sigmar’s proclamation to the Mortal Realms, an announcement which traditionally seeks to solve complaints put forward by the populace. However this proclamation did not provide any such solutions, and instead simply clarified several pieces of tricky legislation.

This lack of apparent effort really disappointed some people, for whom the proclamation had been a long anticipated event. A group of individuals who felt particularly let down began sending aggressive messages to Sigmar’s workers, a move which in turn upset otherwise neutral bystanders. Several daemonlogists have laid the blame for this escalating bickering at the feet of Tzeentch, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Several solutions to the issue have been proposed, with ‘constructive criticism’ and ‘a sense of kindness to your fellow human/aelf/duardin’ being criticised as unrealistic. The best advice at the moment is to simply enjoy a cup of tea, so long as you do not discuss the correct method of drinking one with your neighbours.

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