Stormcast out, Freeguild in during Azyrite reshuffle

Responding to steadily escalating rumours the Azyrite High Council has confirmed the inevitable; the Stormcast Eternals will no longer be the chosen elite of Azyr, instead being replaced by the Freeguild and other militaries of the Cities of Sigmar.

This move comes after months of disappointing performances by the Stormcast Eternals, beginning with the Anvils of the Heldenhammer’s failure to keep Katakros imprisoned but continuing to be displayed by lacklasture displays in wars of all kinds.

“They just can’t keep up,” confirmed battlefield commentator Gob the Honest. “They’re currently winning around 40% of the battles that they fight, which really isn’t on. At 50% the Cities of Sigmar are much better performers.”

The changes have not gone without a fight, with many Lord-Celestants appearing in person to petition Sigmar. Many of them are no strangers to being sidelined, with many ignored in favour of their Lord-Arcanum counterparts since the beginning of the Soul Wars. 

Despite their protests Sigmar has endorsed the change, citing the importance of winning battles over anything else and dismissing what he calls a ‘fluff mentality’. Requests to explain the term have been deemed irrelevant by the newly installed Phoenix Guard around Sigmar’s chambers, and we understand that they have yet to reach him.

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