Realms begin to stagnate, news at a standstill

After weeks of lockdown, inhabitants of the Mortal Realms are beginning to feel an undeniable sense of ennui.

“Nothing has happened for days,” confirmed a local peasant. “We heard that the Star Lizards got up to something just before the lockdown, but since then? Not a thing.”

The armies of Order have not been spared this Realm-wide lethargy, with soldiers and warmachines increasingly hard to recruit. Generals are relying on ordering reinforcements via mail-squig, with a lucky few discovering regiments lying dormant behind the local barracks. Production of uniform dyes remains a problem, with many manufacturers turning their efforts towards anti-plague potions instead.

In addition, rumours of the Lumineth Realm-lords have proven to be unfounded, with predictions for their arrival resulting in just more rumours. Accusations continue to brew over the mythical race of Aelves being a pure fable, conjured up by Sigmar’s propaganda machine. When approached for comment Sigmar’s spokesperson sidestepped the issue, presenting us instead with a storybook about Gargants. 

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