Lord of Change starts mint, reaps success

Ty’sf’y’’u’’i’p’pfc’s’, the Holder of the Mercurial Key, Lord of the Changing Truths, and Greater Daemon of Tzeentch, has recently opened a mint in Azyr. Named the Mercury Mint, it was a long time coming for the Feathered Duke.

“In the Realm of Chaos we would often use vending machines, which at the time only accepted coins,” explains Ty’sf’y’’u’’i’p’pfc’s’. “So my buddy, Kartan the Destroyer, would often ask if I had any spare change, I’d say ‘Of course! I’m a Lord of Change!’ The idea just took off from there really.” 

The Mercurial Mint has been making coins for several months by the time of publishing, and has received a popular reception from locals.

‘Yes, I was one of the early adopters’ said a local gor. ‘I’ve dealt with daemons before so it wasn’t that big of a leap. And let me tell you, he makes some great coins. They’re polished, have a solid weight, and they give you a pleasant tingling feeling when you hold them’

There have been criticisms from some quarters however, with Azyrite daemonologists concerned by the fact that when 99 of the coins are placed together they open a howling portal into the Realm of Chaos. Ty’sf’y’’u’’i’p’pfc’s’ has brushed off the allegations, describing them as ‘user error’.

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