War postponed due to illness

After days of anticipation the news is now official: The War of the Orruk’s Toe has been postponed until further notice due to an outbreak of Crow Plague. The decision was made jointly between the belligerents Lady-General Deedor and Smashboss Zogga, after receiving advice from a local cult of Nurglitch cultists. 

“Orruks can smash ‘umies, and stunties too!” claimed Zogga. “But da plague? Dat’s too runty to smash, even for a grot.”

The initial warning came from Azyrheim when it was discovered while on patrol in the Plains of Wutalia the Lady-General’s forces crushed an army containing soldiers infected with the plague. Although none of the Freeguild have yet to exhibit symptoms, neither army wants to risk the plague’s spread.

As of the time of writing the two armies have set up camp and isolated themselves from each other, relying on the stocks of food and drink already gathered. Wizards have also summoned hermetically sealed domes which, after a brief period of suffocation, have now been adjusted to allow for the passage of air. They intend to keep this state of affairs up for 14 days before starting the war, to ensure all their soldiers are healthy and up for the task.

“War is already a dangerous business,” explained Deedor. “We don’t need to bring plague into the mix.”

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