Nomadic Mawtribes due to rising house prices, say experts

The roving Warglutts of the Ogor Mawtribes have long posed a significant danger to the Free Cities, in particular the fledgling hamlets being settled by Dawnbringer expeditions. Several studies have been ordered to address the problem, and hopefully discover a strategy to eliminate the threat. The first to be published this morning has come with a surprising conclusion; that the nomadic lifestyle of the Ogor is mostly due to the Realms’ high costs of living.

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Bonesplitterz abandon beast-hunting, pursue other hobbies

There has been some consternation in recent days over the role of Bonesplitterz tribes in the recently reorganized Orruk Warclans. Although the jury is still out on their potential combat effectiveness, many have expressed concern that the Bonesplitterz aren’t as ‘fun’ as they used to be.

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Expectations Dashed: Excess mobs of Kruelboyz, Stormcast pillage countryside

The arrival of the Kruelboyz, alongside the Stormcast Eternals meant to fight them, was long anticipated to be a flop. Many citizens of the Realms did not believe that Kragnos could rouse enough Kruelboyz out of their swamps to prove a challenge, nor that Sigmar and Grungni would forge enough Thunderstrike armour to outfit their new Stormcast. Both predictions have been proven horrifically wrong.

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