Eightpoints under lockdown

Reacting quickly to the news of plague in the Mortal Realms, Archaon the Everchosen has made the decision to close all realmgates leading to the Eightpoints. From tomorrow all travel will be restricted, with individuals unable to enter or leave.

“The Forces of Chaos are closely watching this evolving situation” read a proclamation issued from the Varanspire. “In order to protect the health of the Infernal Legions and their slaves, the Eightpoints will be closed to all for at least four weeks.”

Other powers have followed suit, with Sigmar once again closing the gates to Azyr, and Waaaghs! maintaining a distance of at least two metres at all times. There have been some reports of people living outside of the Realm of Death being unable to die and pass on, though Nagash has yet to make a public comment.

As they await the lockdown the Slaves to Darkness have not been idle, with witnesses describing hordes of marauders scouring the Eightpoints for panic shoppers and price gougers. Very little mercy has been shown to these individuals, and an attitude of disgust appears to be widespread.

“Look, we’ve all performed unholy acts in our time. Razed a town, ate a baby. But buying up all the cheese? That’s just heinous”

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