Victory for Sigmar – Expedition Claims Several Inches of Realm Despite Odds

Trumpets sound and crowds cheer in Azyrheim today as news arrives that the 643rd Expedition out of Hammerhal has succeeded in planting a new seed of civilisation, several steps from the city’s front gates.

The expedition faced incredible odds, we can reliably report, with insufficient supplies and a total lack of Stormcast support. Their victory against the wilds was something of a miracle, as their leader Colum d’Toff explained:

“We set out with faith in our hearts and steel in our hands, that cannot be doubted, but Sigmar knows we were up against it. Daemons, orruks, different looking humans, all sorts of barbarity was waiting for us out there. So we decided to set up camp just outside the city walls and think through our options. Once we woke up the next day, Sigmar be praised, we found ourselves in the perfect position to be setting up a new city dedicated to the God-King!”

The magisters of Hammerhal are reportedly not too happy with the development, reacting harshly to reports that the settlers have begun stealing bricks to build their own walls. Reprisals have been stopped by Lord Aventis Firestrike, who is hesitant to roll back such a grand victory for the forces of Order.

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