Sigmar shocks Azyr, refuses to credit Grungni for work with Stormcast

Despite centuries of good relations and close cooperation in the creation of the Stormcast Eternals, Sigmar has surprised many in the Realms by removing all reference to Grungni and his role in forging his favoured warriors.

A recent pronouncement by Sigmar honouring recent victories of the Stormcast described the armour of the warriors as ‘classic pieces of god-like craftsmanship’, failing to comment on the god who actually crafted them. Our sources inside the Sigmarabulum have also indicated that the images of Grungni’s bearded visage adorning the new Stormstrike armour are now being referred to as ‘an emblem of a long-forgotten ancestor-god’.

Reaction has been swift from the Realms, and has not been limited to the Duardin community. Beings from all walks of life (and death) have united in condemning Sigmar, with Nagash in particular demanding that Sigmar takes the work of others seriously. No official word has been heard yet from the Thunder God, with many still hoping that Sigmar follows past precedent and simply edits the pronouncement while he thinks no one is looking.

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