Slann to be given gun

In this new era of warfare within the Mortal Realms, the Seraphon are hoping to position themselves on the cutting edge of military developments. This is why Skink artisans and Saurus generals have worked together to produce the latest in reptilian warfare: A Slann with a gun.

The move is a response to the previous focus on magical supremacy pursued by the Slann explains lead designer Klik’klak’oom. “By diversifying our warmaking capabilities, we are hoping to create a warfighter that can respond to any scenarios that they might encounter on or off the battlefield.”

The Slann themselves have approached the change with their typical slowness, many complaining of muscle pains after their last flirtation with improving themselves. Some though have taken to the new weapons with gusto, taking potshots at their skink attendants for practice. Attempts to remove the guns have proven futile, as the Slann point to the second plaque of the Great Plan which prophesied their inevitable armament.

Responses have been mixed amongst the Seraphon’s adversaries. The Orruks, despite their protests, appear to be jealous of the Slanns’ new weapons, whereas Nagash has laughed off the development as insignificant, pointing to his own ‘magic shotgun’ as the superior armament.

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