Orruks envious of Azyrite firearms

Long thought to be a function of their fungal heritage, orruks are now understood to be green with envy after surveys revealed their immense jealousy of the Azyrite arsenal.

When asked “On a scale of Zog Off to Waaagh! how do you feel about the following statements?” many orruks strongly agreed with the phrases “Da ‘umies/stunties have too much dakka” and “Da orruks do not have enough dakka”. They tended to strongly disagree with statements like “Da orruks are able to fight effectively with the tools they have” and “Da orruks are on a level playing field.”

Proposed by a group of Orruk philosophers earlier this year, dakka is a concept combining the ideas of damage, noise, and range-based warfare. The survey indicates that this concept has been widely adopted by the orruk warclans, but has become a source of embarrassment for many.

The Ironweld Arsenal has responded by tripling the defences around their arms caravans and petitioning for extra funding for their local garrisons. Individual orruks arriving at the forges, asking to “give dat shoota a go”, have been politely turned back, but the situation is expected to escalate quickly.

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