Bonesplitterz abandon beast-hunting, pursue other hobbies

There has been some consternation in recent days over the role of Bonesplitterz tribes in the recently reorganized Orruk Warclans. Although the jury is still out on their potential combat effectiveness, many have expressed concern that the Bonesplitterz aren’t as ‘fun’ as they used to be.

“Dey used to love krumpin’ monsters, I swears to Gork,” confirmed boss Nunk Headscratcher. “But now after da big change dey just don’t have dat joy da veev ya used to see.”

The tribes themselves have refused to comment on their supposed passion for battle, or rather their lack thereof. Instead they have drawn attention to their newly thriving pottery culture, and increasing supply of finely woven mats. Some Wurrgogs have begun encouraging their followers to hunt down local artisans and form their bones into attractive knickknacks, thus harnessing their power.

“Bonesplitterz making best of bad situation,” a local Maniak confided to us, on condition of anonymity. “Stabbin’ monsters no good? Dat’s okay. Personal improvement is da real Waaagh!”

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