Sylvaneth exhausted, abandon Wyldwoods after latest change

After yet another proclamation from Azyr adjusting the function of Awakened Wyldwoods, the Sylvaneth have taken the unprecedented step of untangling their society and military operations from the magical groves.

“It’s not worth the effort,” confirmed Alarielle. “I appreciate that there’s a cycle to life, and things change over time, but the constant adjustments from Sigmar are incredibly frustrating. We are better off without them.”

The Branchwyches have been hard at work experimenting with bespoke replacements that will be free of Sigmar’s interference. The current frontrunner is Mystic Mulch, a fertiliser that can be spread on the battlefield to encourage the growth of new Sylvaneth units. The fact that the key ingredient is ground-up Treelord Ancients has presented a roadblock, but one they hope to clear quickly.

While this is happening the mood amongst the Sylvaneth root and file has hit a record low. Many Dryads have taken to ruminating on past glories, remembering a past where they dominated the battlefield. Optimists have pointed to other factions who have hit similar lows and risen again to dizzying highs, but for many Sylvaneth they are too hurt to hope again.

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