Expectations Dashed: Excess mobs of Kruelboyz, Stormcast pillage countryside

The arrival of the Kruelboyz, alongside the Stormcast Eternals meant to fight them, was long anticipated to be a flop. Many citizens of the Realms did not believe that Kragnos could rouse enough Kruelboyz out of their swamps to prove a challenge, nor that Sigmar and Grungni would forge enough Thunderstrike armour to outfit their new Stormcast. Both predictions have been proven horrifically wrong.

The Mortal Realms have been sunk under ta veritable tide of Kruelboyz, meticulously planned-out battlefields overwhelmed by the cunning Greenskins. The responding wave of Stormcast has left the Realms blasted and scorched with the power of their new armour, leaving many villages and outposts quietly wishing that they hadn’t been helped at all.

“We understand that many individuals had reason to distrust us after the Indomitable Incident,” said Vandus Hammerhand, Lord-Spokesman of Sigmar. “But today we have given the people what they asked for, and I think we can be very proud of that.”

Hopes are now turning to the Scalpers, a tribe of Ogors famous for their voracious greed. Offerings have been made to draw the attention of these dread beings so that they may corral the excess fighters and hide them away until a time when the Realms are better prepared to receive them.

The Order of Azyr would like to take this opportunity to remind citizens to never pay the Scalpers their outrageous ransoms, no matter what valued objects/heirlooms/family members they have in their clutches.

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