Generals encouraged not to panic

The last few weeks have seen an eruption of activity in the Mortal Realms as Sigmar rolls out his new rules of war. For many this has represented a profound shakeup in the way they do battle, and has caused a significant amount of stress.

“We encourage everyone not to panic,” advised Vandus Hammerhand, favoured son of Sigmar. “We expect everything to make sense once the rollout is complete.”

However these calming words have not stopped generals from prognosticating the future of the Realms. Nagash in particular has been the target of many prophecies, some proclaiming his imminent victory over all living things while others predict that he will never be able to cast spells again. The Supreme Necromancer himself is reportedly furious with many of the changes, accusing Sigmar of not only stealing his souls but also the battle strategies of his Ossiarch Bonereapers.

Several of the gods and heroes of the Realms have also arrived in Azyr, demanding that Sigmar explain why they can no longer cast the spells of his people. Sigmar has so far refused to meet these petitioners.

Editior’s note: As we go to print we have received reports of people crafting containers using the new laws and attempting to store liquids in them. We would like to remind the public that any rumours of watertightness should be seen as a metaphor, and not a literal guarantee.

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