“I don’t think they exist” – Quest continues for mythical ‘children’

Adventurers and philosophers have expressed disappointment in response to Sigmar’s declared intention to cut funding for the study of the hypothetical ‘Child’.

Long considered a myth by the citizens of the Realms, a child is said to be the juvenile form of a living being, often created or ‘birthed’ by an adult form of the species. Despite numerous philosophical treatises on the subject their existence has never been definitively proven, an outcome considered even more unlikely due to the impending funding cuts.

“We’re taking the Nurgling daemon-form as our model,” explained Leade Baby-Hunter Yules Asta. “Seeing as they appear to fulfil a similar role in the Nurglitch hordes. We are therefore expecting a child, when we find them, to be smaller than their adult equivalent, probably full of energy, and likely a bearer of plague.”

True believers have not let the cut deter them from their search, although they are now being forced to rely on unorthodox methods. The latest attempt involves following a Slaaneshi horde at a safe distance, since they are rumoured to know the rituals involved in the creation of children.

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