Sigmar and Nagash agree on double soul-tax agreement

In a sign many are hoping signals the end of the Soul Wars delegations from Azyr and Shyish have agreed in principle to a soul-tax agreement drafted by the two parties. The arrangement hopes to mend a major rift between Sigmar and Nagash; how to treat the souls of the dead, and avoid potentially perilous dual-commitments on behalf of the recently deceased.

The text proposes that Sigmar will have exclusive claim on souls that resided in his Free Cities during life or provided at some point in their lives an unambiguous declaration of allegiance to Sigmar, certified by a local Justice of the Peace. Nagash meanwhile lays claim to all remaining souls, including those that just visited a Free City while on business or holiday or at one point resided in one, but no longer do.

News of this agreement has not been welcomed everywhere. The Ruinous Powers have expressed concern that this creates ambiguity regarding legal entitlements to their worshippers’ souls. Many Daemon Princes are anxious about what this will mean for their future existence, and are petitioning for an exemption for those souls whose primary residence is in the Realm of Chaos.

Update: Despite the hopes and prayers of many, Nagash has begun a large-scale assault upon the Cities of Sigmar. He claims that by destroying the cities before their inhabitants’ deaths he will have legal claim to their souls. Sigmar’s knights-litigant are furiously constructing an argument to oppose the Supreme Necromancer, though rumours indicate that Sigmar has called it a ‘fair cop’.

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