Chaos Dreadholds now an endangered species, report experts

Once a fell and ominous presence throughout the Mortal Realms, the infamous Chaos Dreadholds have become somewhat of a rarity. To find out why our intrepid reporters travelled the Realms asking daemonophiles and zealots alike; “What happened to the Chaos Dreadhold?”

The blame is largely placed on two factors: cost and production quality. Not every warlord we spoke to could afford a wall segment, let alone a battlefield-spanning fortification. For those who did put forward the gold the resulting fortress was often of dubious quality with significant gaps between edges, significantly undermining its intended purpose. Rumours that enemy warriors could simply walk up the walls were the final nail in the coffin for the classic Dreadhold.

We approached several exalted champions of Chaos, hoping to glean some insight into what they are using instead. Many reported using copses of trees, whereas an eccentric few indicated they used piles of books and other household objects to save on cost. 

For any travellers who come across a Chaos Dreadhold in the wild please do not attempt entry by yourself. Instead you should contact your local historical society, who will be able to catalogue and preserve the citadel for generations to come.

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