Nagash Claims Status as Giga-Gargant

Controversy abounds as Nagash, in response to the emergence of the mega-gargants, has declared himself to be a ‘giga-gargant’. This has angered many in the gargant community, but Nagash is not backing down.

“It’s simple maths,” explained Nagash’s spokesperson Arkhan the Black. “A mega-gargant is bigger than a gargant. Nagash is bigger than a mega-gargant. We would encourage the Azyrite media to play it straight for once and recognise the facts.”

The Supreme Necromancer, now styling himself as the Mightiest and Rightiest, has begun assembling a significant tribe of gargants, promising them all the bones that they could possibly use to turn into bread.

His detractors have slammed the move, pointing out that he appears to be including his hat in the measurements. Calls to take off the hat have been refused by Nagash, with rumours that it is the source of his power only growing stronger.

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