Mega-Gargants – A Giant Waste of Gold?

Discontent has been spreading amongst the paymasters and mercenary captains of the Mortal Realms, in response to the newly announced Mega-Gargants’ mega-fees. Some are finding the price insurmountable, while others are questioning whether they are getting their gold’s worth.

“For that price I could be getting a horde of Witch Aelves,” explained local captain Isabella the Knife. “They’d probably even throw in a Hag Queen for free. They certainly smell a whole lot less, that’s for sure.”

Gurt the Girthy, known gargant-lover, published an editorial in the Hammerhal Herald yesterday in their defence. He defended their apparent lack of efficiency by pointing out that they are in fact very tall, and would really make your army stand out on the battlefield.

Whether novelty proves to be a viable motivation for purchasing these gold-hungry giants remains to be seen.

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