Duardin encouraged to just get over it

After centuries of grumbling, moaning, and complaining, the Duardin of the Mortal Realms are being encouraged to build a bridge and get over it.

Recent studies have reported a building dissatisfaction with Duardin grudge culture, particularly in urban centres. Many respondents have indicated that while the grumbling was initially endearing, the negativity has begun to build up over the decades. Aelves in particular, whose long lives expose them to an inordinate amount of grudging, are especially frustrated.

Particularly flagrant examples of grudge culture brought up in the study include:

  • Double Grudging – The act of forming a grudge, then forming a second grudge over the effort expended to form the first.
  • Nocturnal Grumbling – The tendency for older Duardin to complain loudly in their sleep, often waking the entire neighbourhood.
  • The Reflexive Grudge – The cycle of grudging another Duardin, receiving a grudge for having grudged them, issuing a grudge in turn, and repeating ad infinitum.

The Duardin Complaints Society, a prominent cultural group, refused to respond to our questions but did send us three chests full of handwritten grudges, calling out our rudeness, our stereotyping of Duardin, and the shade of blue used in our logo.

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