Exclusive: Sigmar’s tax returns revealed

The Azyr Weekly can exclusively reveal today that we have received copies of Sigmar’s tax returns, documents that he has previously refused to release.

The documents demonstrate a history of poor judgement, with the god-king declaring a long list of losses and extensive debts. Significant amounts of money had been sunk into Stormcast stocks, shares which have famously underperformed in recent years. Perhaps most shocking of all is the amount of tax that Sigmar has paid to the Azyrite treasury, with his annual contributions often dwarfed by the tax levied against the average peasant.

Sigmar has pushed back against the accusations, indicating that it’s perfectly normal for a god to have down years and that he has worked entirely within the law. He also defended his StormStocks, promising that they will someday soon have their day in the sun.

Reactions from the other gods have been split, with Nagash in particular attacking Sigmar for his financial incompetence. The Supreme Necromancer, aided by his Ossiarch Bonecounters, has for many years been an exemplar of financial savvy, with shares in bones consistently breaking new records in the Shysian stock markets. Morathi has also criticised Sigmar for his returns, but did not respond to several requests for her own.

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