Flesh Eater Republics – Ghouls Cast Their Vote

After an age of monarchs and autocratic rule, the Flesh Eater Courts are now undergoing a constitutional transformation. Voting booths have been set up in charnel pits and corpse-littered caves as the ghouls prepare to vote for a government of their own choosing.

“Certainly the time has come for an institutional shake-up,” dribbled a local ghoul. “A despotic monarchy may have had its benefits at the time, but modern problems require modern solutions.”

The change was catalysed by the increasing centralisation of Flesh Eater society, with hunting parties and armies almost exclusively made up of Ghoul Kings and their mounts. Finding themselves locked out of the most profitable jobs, the serfs have decided to take action.

The future is uncertain for the ghouls, with several factions positioning themselves for leadership. Results are expected later this week and, no matter the result, the Azyr Weekly will be there to report it.

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