“Try-hards zogging it up for da rest of us” claim Orruks

Despite the record number of wars and conflicts currently being fought in the Mortal Realms, all is not well within the Orruk Warclans. Many of the greenskins have been laying complaints with their bosses, concerned that some of their opponents are sucking all the fun out of war.

“Dere’s a good fight, and dere’s a bad fight,” explained local boss Big Dak. “In a good fight all da boys get stuck in, crack some ‘eads, and everyone has a bit of a laff. A bad fight is where da ovva boss starts yelling about your boys moving too fast, or punching further than dey thinks dey should. Takes all da fun out of it.”

Opposing generals have different ideas. We spoke to Teresa de Käse, famed Freeguild General:

“The greenskins can break the laws of war all they like in their own time.  But when we’re fighting a proper, Sigmar-sanctioned battle then it needs to be fought properly! The result can’t mean anything if we’re not both following the rules.”

There appears to be little likelihood of agreement between the two factions, with the Orruks now insisting that the armies forget about their objectives and just ‘muck around a bit’. Teresa has sent a missive to Sigmar requesting that Orruks be banned from war all together, and we expect to hear back shortly.

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