Khornate worshipers debate nature of magic

Disagreement amongst Khorne’s followers has reached a tipping point as devotees debate the nature of magic, their traditional ban against using it, and whether it is all moot anyway.

Kragnak the Conservative spoke to us after one of his rallies. “Khorne has always forbade the use of magic. He hates wizards, he hates sorcerers, and he hates magicians. Any use of magic, spells, or similar enchantments goes completely against what the Blood God stands for!”

“It’s all well and good to say we’re against magic,” explained Kaktar the Progressive, his main rival. “But it’s dishonest to say that we don’t already use it anyway. Certainly those prayers of ours aren’t mundane. And the ‘Judgements of Khorne’? That’s just a marketing exercise, those are definitely endless spells.”

The Brass Citadel has confirmed that it will be hosting the two champions in a debate to decide the issue, with all Khorne worshipers who have claimed over three skulls able to attend. Blood and nibbles will be provided. 

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