Skaven ‘a little freaked out’ by regular rats

Not many dwellers in the Mortal Realms know of the nefarious ratmen known as the Skaven, or their labyrinthine warrens that tunnel through existence. But even fewer know what the Azyr Weekly can now report; That Skaven are weirded out by the existence of normal sized rats.

“They are very weird-strange,” confirmed local clanrat Skabba. “Tiny feet, tiny eyes, and no need-thirst for stabbing. It’s not right-right.”

Skaven society has tolerated the existence of miniature rodents with a sense of reluctance, often relegating them to jobs such as powering the Doom Wheels or providing lunch. Clan Pestilens have had some success using them as vectors of plague, an avenue currently being developed further by the Masterclan. Clan Moulder on the other hand have attempted to enlarge specimens into Giant Rats, but common consensus has been that they’ve just made the problem bigger.

For the time being Skavendom appears set to stomach the existence of their little cousins, but steps are being made to find an answer to their problem. The Masterclan is hosting a summit next with the Greatfrays of the Beasts of Chaos, hoping to discuss their response to their own ‘Goat Dilemma’.

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