Brayherd numbers plummet as cost of living hits home

After years of affordable living in the wild places of the Realms, not even the Beasts of Chaos have proven immune to market forces. The rising costs of building materials have put forested areas at a premium, forcing herds to downsize purely to keep the rent affordable.

“Used to be we’d hunt along acres upon acres of these woods,” mused local Beastlord Gorn Gruffhorn. “Now we’re down to a clearing we have to share with a local farmer’s gryphcow herd.”

The crunch has not all been bad news for the Beasts, as necessity has again proved the mother of invention. To evade probing landlords all members of the herds have now mastered the ability of vanishing into the undergrowth, appearing only when they are needed. The Cygor have also been pushed to pull their weight and get a real job, joining Chaotic seminaries to train as priests.

Skaven engineers raise concerns over peak warpstone

A pack of Warlock-Engineers have raised concerns in Blight City about the potentially limited nature of warpstone, the resource upon which the entire Skaven civilisation is founded. Previously considered an unlimited substance, this claim could have catastrophic consequences for the Skaven race..

“Our findings nice and simple, yes-yes,” explained Arch-Warlock Pebblegnaw. “If you hack-slash mountain, no rock grows back. Warpstone only small portion of all rock.  We mine-take more warpstone, we have less warpstone left to mine-take later. Smart-best Skaven science.”

Grey Seers have disputed this prediction, accusing the pack of fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of warpstone. According to the Grey Seers, warpstone is a renewable resource in the truest sense, forming from the primordial energies of Chaos which may wax and wane, but never vanish.

Despite the Grey Seers’ preaching, the Skaven are a fearful race and have nevertheless taken steps to address the possibility. Great turbines have been erected around the Realms, utilising the eminently renewable resource of slaves to power gigantic treadmills. The resulting energy is being bottled into batteries, which Warlock-Engineers hope can soon replace warpstone crystals in most if not all of their weapons.

Job satisfaction for Warriors, Knights skyrockets – “It’s good to be back”

The most recent survey of the Chaos workforce has just been published, presenting a series of interesting results that the Everchosen has been keen to publicise. The most striking finding has been the job satisfaction numbers for the core troops of the Slaves to Darkness, which have skyrocketed in the wake of their most recent workplace reshuffle.

Chaos Warriors as a cohort have reported a staggering 66% increase in positive responses to the question “Do you feel satisfied with your place in the team?” and a 45% increase to the question “Are you provided with the right tools to perform your tasks?” This has been correlated with a marked increase in their success on the battlefield, earning them their long-awaited day in the sun.

“These banners they’re handing out nowadays are terrific,” commented Irla Stabdoer, Chaos Warrior. “Standing near a smelly scrap of fabric makes me feel ten times tougher. I used to dread coming into work, but now I look forward to it!”

Chaos Knights have likewise found a new lease on life, having finally been taught how to use the full length of their lances. Recent rumours have it that some veterans are seeking to take this a step further, and are pushing the technology to its limits to create a sort of ‘throwing’ spear. More news as it happens.