Teclis to charge Lumineth for hang outs

The arrival of the Lord of Sorcery was initially met by joy amongst the Lumineth, who have been sorely missing their deity/dad. This soon changed to rage however, as Teclis revealed an exorbitant pricing structure to be charged to anyone wanting to spend time with him.

“It is incredibly disappointing,” confirmed our Lumineth correspondent Lo’erson. “They have been waiting for months for the return of their father figure, and to be met with these staggering fees is something of a slap in the face.”

We have received news that several of the Great Nations have begun bake sales and charity marathons in order to fund a visit from Teclis. Rumours that they have received significant support from Nagash, in order to enable a spell-slinging competition between the two magicians, are so far unsubstantiated.

Teclis himself has so far been unrepentant about his pricing structure, pointing out the quality of his new trousers, and that he comes with a ‘great big sphinx thing’. The possibility of him appearing without Celennar at a discounted rate was quickly shut down by his office.

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