“Mega-gargants do exist!’ insists Sigmar

After months of delays and false-starts, Sigmar is continuing to declare that mega-gargants not only exist but will imminently be seen in large numbers. The warnings are falling on increasingly deaf ears as the citizens of the Free Cities  begin to doubt their God-King’s prophecies.

The warnings were initially heeded by the people, who proceeded to prepare for the incoming horde through the construction of very tall walls and befriending the local Aleguzzlers. However as time passed and their arrival continued to appear hypothetical, enthusiasm has since dimmed.

“I don’t believe in ‘em meself,” confirmed a local peasant. “Big buggers like that, we oughta seen ‘em by now ain’t we?”

There are rumours that, contrary to his public facing conviction, Sigmar himself has begun to doubt his prophecies. He is reported to spend his nights staring into Azyr’s sky, a look of longing on his face.

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