General demands pitched battles

Ever one of the Freeguild’s most effective generals, Teresa de Käse has raised controversy by refusing to engage in anything but the most balanced battles.

“It’s a matter of principle,” urged the general. “If the armies aren’t balanced and the objectives aren’t symmetrical, how am I supposed to say that I really won?”

Teresa has thus far refused to lay sieges, spring ambushes, or engage more than one enemy at a time. The only exception for this last rule is when she herself has an equal number of allies, a situation she describes as ‘quite a lot of fun to be honest’.

The High Council of Freeguilds are publishing a series of documents in response which, they hope, will provide Teresa with enough structure that she will consider asymmetrical battles worth while. An earlier publication proved effective in encouraging Teresa to fight alongside lesser-known heroes, so hopes are high that these developments will lead to further progress.

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