Fragile pikes lead to disruptions

Despite early successes by the Hyshian aelves, the Lumineth Realm-lords have suffered a significant setback in their quest to reclaim their realm. Engineering deficiencies have led to the Warden’s Pike, key weapon of the Auralan Wardens, to break after one or two battles.

The official line from the Lumineth Conclave is that malign influences remaining from the Necroquake have seeped into the wood used for the pike hafts, rendering them fragile. Others suggest that it is simply due to their absurd length.

Recent reports suggest that it isn’t the fury of combat that necessarily causes the breakages, but rather the travelling between battles. Auluran Wardens are therefore encouraged to move as little as possible, preferably setting up garrisons in the workshops where the pikes are made so as to reduce the distance travelled.

Teclis still refuses to comment, and the staff at the Azyr Weekly are beginning to doubt his existence.

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